Superb page, Stick to the excellent job. Thanks a ton! gerri
I very much enjoy your gift. Your art is very beautiful and thought provoking. Thank you for sharing it with me.
Lawrence Syverud(non-registered)
Last week, we met at the butterfly exhibit.

Terry Jaffoni(non-registered)
Hello Paul,

Don’t know if you remember me but I was introduced to you at the last JazzMN concert featuring Tierney Sutton. I am on the jazzmn board and it was indeed a pleasure to meet you!

As a former photographer myself (I have been creatively dormant for many years now), and a lover of all things in nature, I enjoyed the experience of your photographs! In particular, I like the tree bark photos, which really bring out the details often unappreciated.

Thanks for your work and also for your appreciation of fine jazz! Hope to see you again at one of our concerts.
Jeanette Richards(non-registered)
Thank you for giving me your info at the WBCA Northern Lights reception.
Your abstract images are simply wonderful!
Jesse Aguilar(non-registered)
Beautiful photography!
Davis Wilson(non-registered)
These scenes are transporting.
Maud Hixson(non-registered)
I have found Paul's photographs arresting from the first ones he showed to the one now residing on my wall of Cherokee Park in Saint Paul. His talent for capturing mood, texture, color and the moment is enviable and evocative.
What a special experience you had with Doug! The assignment to combine the images with music is a wonderfully introspective assignment. I think those assignments are always the most challenging, and the most rewarding.
I added some comments to some of my favorites from the workshop. One of my favorites from the color slideshow is the image of the woman in the green dress, but I didn't see it among the individual photos saved in the workshop folder. So, I'll comment on that here. I enjoy the color combination - the rust colors in the water & the green in her dress & in the blades of grass. It's a very pleasing & tranquil composition.
Connie Amundson(non-registered)
A beautiful body of work. I love how black-and-white helps me see the form and line so clearly. And there's something so refreshing about B&W now that everything is in color on the web, etc. (Of course the world is in color, but!). I just ordered new business cards and decided to go with black ink on white paper. I figure they'll stand out that way. I ordered two prints for our new office. Just thing!
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