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Created 1-Dec-16
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This gallery is a collection of photographs made on the foggy morning of 11/27/16.
I started the shoot at 8:30 and finished a little after 11:00. With the exception of two photos all of the images were shot at locations in Saint Paul, MN's Como Park. I used a vintage 35mm manual focus Pentax lens made in 1973 for several of these photographs. A 1980s Minolta 24-85mm zoom lens was used for the remainder of the photographs,
I had a great time finding these compositions, I hope you enjoy them as well.

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Fog Enveloped Trees at Como ParkTrees in the fog at Como ParkState Fair Parking Lot Tree in Fog #1State Fair Parking Lot Tree in Fog #2Como Park Foggy Day Tree View #2Como Park Foggy Day TreeComo Park Foggy Day Tree View #3Como Park Pine GroveWest Picnic Grounds Tree ArrayWest Picnic Grounds Tree Detail #1West Picnic Grounds Tree Detail #2Como Golf Course GrassComo Golf Course SceneComo Golf Course FootbridgeLake Como Peninsula 11/27/16Frozen Frog Pond & the Conservatory #1Frozen Frog Pond & the Conservatory #2Hanging on to FallStubborn BerriesComo Dockside Pavilion